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Rhonda assisted me with the right foods to heal my body but the real work came when we started to address some of my beliefs around food and how I was using food like medication – to feel better. Since going through Rhonda’s program, I have released 45 lbs. and have changed my mindset around food.

I found myself, got my confidence back, and I now have the tools to keep it off.

Carolyn T.
energized guy

Rhonda was able to figure out I had Adrenal fatigue. With her recommendations I am back up and running – literally. I am back to running 5 -10k’s, it feels great to be back again!

Joseph G.

Working with Rhonda has been a joy. She was as invested in my success as I was and guided me through every step of the program with compassion, patience and understanding.

Patricia S.

Rhonda puts her client first and foremost… I trust her to guide me back to health (along with a complete overall of life-style choices!)

Lynn E.